The Benefits of Community Colleges

Hi guys! Today I want to talk to you about the benefits of community college. I graduated from one before going to a four-year college, and I can tell you this: it is a great thing to do. Of course, they are some disadvantages to Junior College, but overall, spending two years in community college to get an Associate Degree has a lot of good sides. Let me tell you about them.

They are less expensive

That is a fact. When I was in community college, I was paying less than $400 per credit. Now, I am in private-school, and I am paying over $1,200 per credit. Just to give you a little perspective about the cost difference.

They are easier

Generally speaking, the expectations are a little bit softer than in college, and you have much more free time. Use this free time wisely! Be involved guys. And the other advantage of having easier academics is that it is great to build your future applications for college.

You can get a degree in two years.

To complete an Associate Degree, which is the diploma you can get in Junior College, you need 60 degrees. If you do 15 credits by semester, you will graduate in two years. Then, if you want to go to a four-year college, it is easier to transfer your credits. Also, if you get tired of being in the U.S., you can go home with a degree in your pocket.

Professors are more accessible.

In community college, all of your professors are just professors. They do not have another job, which means they are more available for you. In college, most teachers have a Ph.D., and they are consultants, journalists, authors, etc.

Finally, community colleges are a great way to have a soft start for your American dream. You will be able to develop your English, social life, and future applications for colleges.

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