Your involvement in the community

You are in a sports team, you are an international student, you are in a different country, you are far away from your family, why should you bother involving yourself in your community? Let me tell you this, your involvement is like a life preserver. If the boat is sinking, meaning your grades and your performances are not good, and you want to transfer, then your involvement will be your greatest ally.

If you do not trust me, let me tell you about my sophomore year in community college. During the pre-season, my coach and I knew I was going to be the starting goalkeeper and one of the captains. Unfortunately, right before the first game, I got a knee injury. I was out for the entire season. At the end of the Fall semester, I needed to transfer to a four-year college, but I did not have any game played, any statistic, any references. Still, I ended up in a private school right next to the Stock of Exchange in New York City with a huge scholarship. Why? Because I was involved.

I was mainly involved in two organizations: Phi Theta Kappa and the tutoring service. But they are many others you can be involved in.

The Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) is only available in community college. If you get in, you will learn soft skills, meet new people, create a network, go to conferences, and you might get a scholarship as well. This is what I get. Because I was a PTK member, I was assured of getting at least $18,000 at The King’s College. I ended up with a little bit more, but the point is that this is a great organization.

The tutoring service is not really an organization. In the school I was, I became a tutor, and I was able to tutor any classes I passed with a B+. Therefore, I tutored math, accounting, French, economics, chemistry, and business classes. The good thing is that you get paid for doing it. The great thing is that it adds a lot of value to your resume and application because it shows that you have helped others.

In conclusion, be involved! It is great, you learn a lot, and it can save your application.

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