6 Things that change in the U.S.

Hey guys! If you are wondering what are the things that will change for sure once you are in your American college, let me tell you my Top 6.

The length of your season:

Usually, a season lasts about nine months. In the U.S., it is about three months. When I say three months, it is three months of competition. For sports that are played during Fall, the season starts at the end of August and ends at the beginning of November if you are lucky.

The intensity of your week:

You will have class in the morning until the beginning of the afternoon; then you will be practicing. Your practice every day of the week, and when your season starts, you have one to two games a week. So, be prepared.

The diversity of your team:

You will play with people from all over the world, especially if you play a team sport. Be ready to learn from different cultures and languages.

Tips and taxes:

It is customary to give about 15% of your bill as tips, so it is a lot when you are not used to it. Plus, most prices are shown without taxes, so do not be surprised if you end up paying more than expected.


I assure you, certain accents can be really difficult to understand. It is not because you understand Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad without subtitles that you speak English fluently. I think you speak a language fluently once you know all the slangs the language has.

Food spending:

American people LOVE to order food or go out. They spend crazy amounts of money on that. I have friends who spend $10 a meal. Personally, I think you can eat with $30 to $40 a week if you do not have a free cafeteria.

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